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Use krockets25 coupon code to get 25% discount from Hostgator is a world-wide provider of shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated web hosting. Privately held and based in Houston, Texas, the company was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, who started the company from his dorm room at Florida Atlantic University. Since then, HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 12,000 servers under management.

Why Choose Hostgator?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider going with them.

  • Great features for the price. All of their plans include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free script access, and the ability to install a CMS like WordPress in seconds.
  • Customer support. They have a few different ways to help you should you run into any problems. You can open a support ticket, call their 1-800 number, and use the Live Chat system. They are open and available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Shared and Dedicated options. Whether you receive a little, or a lot of monthly traffic, Hostgator has a hosting plan that will work for you.
  • Up-time guarantee. The company offers a 99% up-time guarantee, ensuring your website remains online at all times.
  • Coupon codes. Of course, one of the best things about them is the fact they have special offers to help you save money!

For these reasons, they are known worldwide as one of the best hosting services available. With our Hostgator coupons, you will get the most competitive prices available online.

The most popular discount code is the one that will save you 25% on any order. Using this coupon, you can save yourself a lot of money. When you sign-up, you will have the option to pay monthly or yearly, and if you decide to pay yearly, the prices are reduced even more.

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How to be creative by Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson, the creator of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, is famously media-averse. He’s given two interviews, total since he retired his strip in 1995. Reporters have staked out his home in Ohio to no avail. The man just prefers not to be a public figure. But in the documentary Stripped (which you can buy or rent on iTunes), Watterson not only gives an interview, he drew the art for the poster–the first Watterson cartoon to be published in nearly 20 years.

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Jquery Resources Collections (part 1)

This is first special post made for web-things collections. This post will begin with freshly jQuery code.

These below are my collection amazing jQuery code


MediacenterJS is a fully functional media center application that runs in your browser. You can view your movies and listen to your music. All from the comfort of your favourite browser on your favourite device.

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A Good User Interface

The user interface, in the industrial design field of human–machine interaction, is the space where interaction between humans and machines occurs. The goal of this interaction is effective operation and control of the machine on the user’s end, and feedback from the machine, which aids the operator in making operational decisions. Examples of this broad concept of user interfaces include the interactive aspects of computer operating systems, hand tools, heavy machinery operator controls, and process controls. The design considerations applicable when creating user interfaces are related to or involve such disciplines as ergonomics and psychology.

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How to Import Data from XML File and Theme Options Data

In this post, I will teach you how to import theme options data to Theme Options (wp-admin)

  1. Open
  2. Open Appearance tab -> Theme Options remove-tracking-2
  3. In Theme Options area, open tab Backup Options import
  4. Copy and Paste code from Theme Options.txt into Transfer Theme Options Data box area (see picture above), and klick Import Options button -> Save All Changes
  5. In same page, Open tab General Settings -> Tracking Code box, delete it or change with your tracking code and Save All Changes
  6. Good Luck! and don’t forget rate it 5 star 🙂