Welcome to Krockets, We love and passionate with Wordpress

Build your professional website with our creative skills

We are designers who think in code.

We are Krockets Creative Studios. We create websites and applications, and help our clients build brands online.

We use the best tools for the job. We love working with PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and love discovering new tools to solve problems.


We will research & analyze your request and define a solution that meets your goals. Then we will have wireframes and a clear scope of work for the next phases.


We build your new website from the scratch to match the approved designs and ensure all code has properly appropriate by coding standard.


Before launching, you get three times revisions. And if your website ready to launch, we will deliver your website after approved by our quality assurance.


Sometimes we make Wordpress theme and sell at Marketplace like Themeforest, Mojo Marketplace and Creative Market.

Creative design
Responsive layout
Excellent support

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We are not avalilable now, please come back at June second week. Thank you for your attention!

Or you can talk to me at kenzi[dot]white[at]gmail[dot]com

Our Excellent Services

Developing Idea to Design

If you want to build a Website but you don't know exactly what you want. We can help you to get Inspiration and Idea. And we collaboration to make it happen.

Converting Design to HTML

You have design and you want convert it to HTML. We can help you. We use Zurb Framework and Bootstrap Framework, which mean your final HTML is solid structure, properly coded and responsive.

Coding HTML to Wordpress

You have HTML file and want to integrating with Wordpress. Don't worry, we can help you. Our experience is almost 5 years making theme Wordpress.

Full Services

You have an Idea and want to launch your website online with Wordpress as backend. We can help you from designing, convert it to HTML, coding it to Wordpress and Install it to server.

Setup & Installation Wordpress

You have Wordpress theme and got some trouble to Setup and Install. We can help you Setup and Install your Wordpress site whatever you like.

Customizing Wordpress

You have Wordpress theme or have online website with Wordpress as backend and then you want to Costumize it. We can help you, our expert will help you.

Available Service Price

  • PSD to HTML

  • 2 - 3 working days
  • Home / Landing page
  • 1 Page
  • 1 About Page
  • 1 Contact Page
  • Responsive layout
  • jQuery (slider, etc)
  • Foundation / Bootstrap
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • $35 - 70

  • HTML to Wordpress

  • 3 - 7 working days
  • Home / Landing page
  • 1 Page
  • 1 About Page
  • 1 Contact Page
  • Responsive layout
  • jQuery (slider, etc)
  • Foundation / Bootstrap
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Woocommerce
  • Theme Options
  • Custom Metabox
  • Underscore Starter Kit
  • Redux Framework
  • $70 - 250